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EQUINET minimizes the effort it takes to organize your farrier business so you can focus on getting the job done.

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Keep track of your work, with photos
Share it with your team or clients via SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail
Stay on schedule
Get a full overview of your schedule, send invites and reminders
Automate your inventory
Know your stock levels without having to tally manually
Send invoices (coming soon)
Invoice your clients and keep track of outstanding payments
Free to use
Use all features for free, without any hidden costs
Works off-line too
You can use EQUINET in remote locations, without depending on internet connectivity
Data saved securely
All app data is stored on secure servers so that it is safe and will not be lost; even in an area of limited or no internet service.
We're getting positive reviews
Ric Bramucci
"The ability to generate professional looking reports and present them to others on the spot brings the whole standard of my business up to the next level."
Glen Sharp
'"The EQUINET App is a great starting system for any up and coming farrier to help them set up their business."
Carly Moore
New South Wales
"I like that EQUINET has been designed specifically for the farrier. There are other apps in the market but this is the only one that has been tailored to farriers business requirements."
Where to start? - that's easy
You can also copy contacts from your phone clicking on 'Add from contact book'
Just the name is enough, but feel free to add it's breed, gender and age
At your next appointment, open the app and follow the steps below
Click New Contact and add client's details
Click on Select Horses and add horse's details
You're all set
Step 1: Add Contacts and Horses
Click on 'Contacts' on the start screen
You can specify the job type and procedures if needed
Make notes of your service and click 'Add new photo' to take pictures of your job
Click New Entry on the start screen
Click 'Add/Change horse', pick the horse you are visiting
Make notes with photos
Step 2: Making an Entry
After saving, follow the steps below to share it with your client
Save and share
Pick the entry you want to share from the list of all entries
Go to Contacts and choose your client
Choose the horse
Click 'Export' and choose the entry
Step 3: Share reports with clients
You will see a list of all Entries for that horse
Click 'Share' and send
You can send it directly via e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS or save a copy for yourself
And you haven't even seen the best of it yet
Explore the features below
and take your first steps to making EQUINET part of your every day business
Schedule appointments with your clients and send SMS reminders straight from your device
Automatic Inventory
You won't have to tally your stock anymore. Set up your inventory once and see it get automatically updated.
Shopping List
Create detailed shopping lists in a couple of clicks and send it to your dealer straight from the app. Never lose track of your orders again.
Edit Job Photos
Mark photos with important observations and use them on the next visit for a quick revision
Send Messages
Send messages to your contacts via SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail from within the app
Invoicing. (coming soon)
Feature Highlights
With that, you will be able to update your clients with all the appointment details via SMS
Click on Schedule on the Dashboard
Add appointment details and click Save
To send an SMS, open the appointment and click the blue bubble
After saving, you will see it listed on the Dashboard
You can pick from a complete list of shoes and nails of all brands, and even add custom products
Click Inventory on the Dashboard
During a job, add products used while making a New Entry
Click on Add new product
Automatic Inventory
When you add products to the Entry, you will see that the count of those products in your inventory get deducted automatically, so you will never lose track of stock
To view the saved shopping list, go back to Inventory and click 'Show all shopping lists'
Click Inventory on the Dashboard
Click 'Show all shopping lists' and add a new one
Click 'Done' on the top right to save
Shopping List
Add products from your inventory with a click or choose new products from the full list
Open the saved shopping list and click on 'Share with dealer'
You can send the list via email, SMS or WhatsApp, or save a copy for yourself
*Place your next order with your dealer via EQUINET's 'Shopping List' feature and receive a limited edition Heller Rasp for FREE
(For the first order only. Whilst stocks last).*
You will see tools to highlight with different colours, to crop and to add notes
Go the the saved job entry and click Edit on top right
Click on the arrow at bottom right to save after editing
Click 'Edit' on the photo you want to make highlights on
Edit Photos
Add these photos to your reports and share clear visual description of your farrier service with your clients
Previous Releases
Click on the different versions to see the new features added.
Update: Version 1.8.0 (January 2021)
Version 1.8.0 has four updates -

New Dashboard menu on the home screen
It will display what is needed for the next day, showing the messages you need to check and the appointments for today and tomorrow, with easy access to the Contacts, Horses and Entries on each case.

Week selector in calendar
In the Scheduling menu, to allow for easier selection when creating a new appointment, you have a bar at the bottom to easily navigate in weeks to your date selection.

Horses Menu now Integrated with Contacts
Following feedback from EQUINET users, you will now find Horses under the relevant Contact. This allows for less clicks between menus and when entering the data on your clients.

Focus on Creating Entries on the Dashboard Home Screen
The look of the App is more consistent with the focus on the core component of the app: creating entries (horse log).

Update: Version 1.7.0 (November 2020)
New Features

New Dashboard menu on the home screen

It will display what is needed for the next day, showing the messages you need to check and the appointments for today and tomorrow, with easy access to the Contacts, Horses and Entries on each case.

New Guided Tour Feature

As you start using this new version, you will see guiding messages on your screen explaining what you can do with each click. You can skip the tour at any step or continue to have more information displayed on the App. Revisit the tour anytime, just go to the Settings menu and click on Reset Tour.

Map links for navigation

Addresses in contacts and appointments now include a location icon that will open the maps navigation system of your choice.

Horses Menu now Integrated with Contacts

Following feedback from EQUINET users, you will now find Horses under the relevant Contact and the Horses menu on the home screen has been replaced with the Dashboard. This allows for improved organisation and less clicks between menus, optimising your time when entering the data on your clients.

Week selector in calendar

In the Scheduling menu, to allow for easier selection when creating a new appointment, you have a bar at the bottom to easily navigate in weeks to your date selection.
Update : Version 1.6.0 (October 2020)
Version 1.6.0 has improvements in 4 sections:

Create a product shopping list.

Create a shopping list from the Inventory menu and include the products you will need for your next purchase by simply adding them to the list. You can select the product, quantity and packing format from a wide list of products, as well as enter custom products, such as rasps and tools also

Send your Shopping List to your local dealer

Once your Shopping List is ready, a file will be generated for you to email to your local Dealer as a csv file.

Make sure you include your trusted dealers in your contacts first!

When you receive your order from your dealer add it in your inventory simply by pressing one button in the shopping list.

In-app inbox

A new great feature which allows you to have your own EQUINET Inbox.

The In-App Inbox is where we will provide you with tips for better use of the App, reminders of the horses that need to be scheduled and information about events of interest for the EQUINET community.

Don't forget that when you talk, we listen, so please keep sending us your feedback - the feedback button is now in the top right corner of the EQUINET Inbox.

Scheduling optimisation

We keep improving the scheduling module - now you can tap on the time slot in calendar and create an appointment right away.

Address autocompletion

To have all your information complete, now you have an autocomplete format for the address of a contact, appointment and horses. Simply start typing the address and the options will be displayed for you.
Update: Version 1.5.0 (September 2020)
Version 1.5.0 has improvements in 3 sections:

Edit pictures

A highly desired feature from our app community is now implemented: within horse log entries, it is now possible to edit your pictures. You can rotate, scale and crop your image to clean up presentation. You can also make notes on your pictures by drawing lines or typing text.

Product selection

Adding a product required multiple steps in the product selection flow. We have optimised this by presenting frequently used products in the first step of the flow. Now you can go immediately to the size & quantity step, which we have updated with a new design and frequently used values to minimise taps & clicks.

Within horse log entry, we have added the option to choose a combination of products you frequently use for the horse. This will make it easy to switch between load-outs during season or easily switch to regular used race load out, without the hassle of going through the product selection process for all items.


We introduced shoeing-cycle; the amount of weeks a horse should get a visit. The app will also remind you by notification that a horse is towards the end of a shoeing-cycle and that a new appointment needs to be scheduled (if you didn't do that already).

In our previous release we started sending invitation to contacts when creating an appointment. We listened to you and made it optional through the appointment form.

Bug fixes

Next to these new features we improved the app by resolving most of the reported bugs.

Update: Version 1.4.0 (August 2020)
New features

- We mainly added features around appointment flow to streamline scheduling from farrier perspective: Introducing treatments (entries in the future) to appointments which will inform the farrier about the service that is required. Obviously, the treatment could be adjusted by the farrier and is shown in the horse items in listings.

- Farriers are now able to send an SMS to contacts (and indirectly assigned horse owners) of an appointment and there is a quick link from appointment to horse entries.

- Selection lists will now show a subset depending on context (so for example: when you select a contact for an appointment, when selecting a horse, horse of that contact will be shown in the list first). All horse related screens will show a reference to the particular horse, so at all times it is clear for which horse a farrier is adding information.

- Horse log reports have git a design update. One thing that was added is showing the avatar (image) of the farrier on the top right. Feel free to use your logo there instead.

Optimizations and bug fixes

- The product selection flow is optimized to select a product with less clicks (by skipping steps), and some bugs around invitations and reminders were fixed.

- Image quality on Android was improved, horse avatars can now be zoomed in, default camera should be activated when taking a picture and the calendar updates properly after adding an appointment.

We hope you enjoy using EQUINET - Mustad Farrier App.

If you have any questions or problems when using the App, please use one of these following steps
for support.
Find solutions and answers to common queries by visiting the FAQ page Here or through the App.
Call +61 (0) 3 5734 3536 during office hours - Monday to Friday (AEST)
Simply click the Feedback icon under the Messages menu bar, to share your comments and input.
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