Team instructions
Invite team members to your EQUINET organisation for scheduling and sharing data.

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Steps to set up a team
Add team members to your EQUINET organisation, and start working together efficiently.
Step 1: Go to TEAMS under the Menu and select your TEAM by clicking the ACTIVE button
Every EQUINET user has a default team, of which he/she is the owner.
Step 2: Invite your team members by sharing an invitation link
Click 'Invite new members' and share the link via your preferred channels on your mobile phone (e.g. e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.).
    Step 3: Wait for new EQUINET team members to join
    When someone receives an invitation link, they click on the link, which takes them into the Teams page of the App. They can accept the invitation for your Team while they are logged-in to their EQUINET app. To be able to accept an invitation, the app needs to be installed, and the receiver needs to be registered and logged-in.

    You will receive an in-app message and push notification if someone accepts your invite.

    Note : email may be in the junk folder, so get member to check if email not received.
    Step 4: Approve newly joined team members
    Once invitees have accepted your invitation, there will be a popup in your Teams 'pending approval' section. You can approve new members that accepted the invitations in this screen, or reject unknown wanna-joins.
    Once approved, new team members will be shown in the 'members' section.
    Confirm User Access for each Team Member
    Once a new team member becomes part of your TEAM, you need to confirm their role. The two options are :
    ADMIN - this gives access to all information in the App including the Financial Overview, invoicing and procedures pricing. The owner of the TEAM is the admin.
    MEMBER - this allows users to view, add and edit information such as horses, contacts, entries but they do not have access to the financial overview.

    *Please note that each new member is automatically marked as an ADMIN, the owner need to change their role to MEMBER.
    Multiple organisations? Switch between them when needed
    All data generated for a Team is owned by the owner or admin of the team. If you joined a Team, you can always switch between that Team and your default Team, of which you are the owner. Please note that data is not shared between different Teams.
    Split ways? Remove a member from your Team
    Working relations end, and in those cases, you are able to remove a member from your team by clicking the trash can icon - team data will not be available for this user anymore.
    The member will be removed, but all generated data is stored safely within the owners App.
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