Invoicing on EQUINET without Xero or Quickbooks
Connect all your business tasks in one place, from booking appointments to getting paid.
Step 1: Configuring Procedures
Set-up Procedures (your farrier services) with prices; add custom Procedures and prices based on your pricing strategy for individual clients
In EQUINET, you can add Procedures to an Entry, based on the services you offer. These procedures can be tagged with a price so you can generate an invoice from the Entry or a set of Entries, with just a click.
Procedure Categories
You can add/create Procedures under four categories

  • Leg
  • Shoe
  • Trim
  • Other
Where to find Procedures
On the Dashboard, click on 'New Entry' and click on the '+' under 'procedure' as shown
Add New Procedures
  1. Click the '+' button under any Procedure category, add details (name and price), ensure the Available button is set to green so it will be visible on the Procedure screen
  2. The price could be with Tax included or without.
  3. Click 'Done
Edit Procedure
  1. Click 'Edit procedures +' in the top right of the screen
  2. Click on relevant procedure and change any of the information
  3. Click 'Done'
  4. To hide any procedures you no longer use, click the 'Available' button to off
  5. On the Edit Procedure screen it will be shown but faded, it will not appear on the Procedure list
*Please note you cannot delete any procedures as they will be linked to invoices, that's why you can only hide them.
Step 2: Creating and exporting invoices
Once you've set up Procedures and their prices, creating and sending invoices on EQUINET is a quick 3-part process
Part 1: Adding Procedures

Step 1
Click 'New Entry'
Step 2
Update Job Typeand click '+' button under 'procedures'
Step 3
Press the relevant Procedure – it will get highlighted in Blue, and click 'Done'
Step 4
Complete the Entry with the horse selected, notes, photos and products used and click 'Save'

*This is the report of the procedure and can be saved as a PDF and emailed to the customer when you invoice them.
Part 2: Creating an Invoice
Step 1:
Open the Contact's profile and select the horse that was serviced
Step 2:
Click on the Entry you want to invoice
Step 3:
Click 'Invoice this Entry'
Step 4:
This will open up the Invoice screen - check if all the information is correct and that you have marked Tax Excluded or Tax Included based on the prices you have tagged to the procedures.

You can also attach the report of the service you have provided – click the button to green next to Attach Report
Step 5:
Press 'Done'
Part 3: Exporting Invoices
Step 1:
In the Dashboard, click 'All Invoices' - this will show all the Invoices available
Step 2:
Click on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of screen
Step 3:
Click 'Export'
Step 4:
Tick one of the export formats and click 'Export Invoices'
Email Received
You will receive an email that will have a CSV attachment that contains the list of all chosen invoices, with information on the customer, horse, procedure, price and due date.

You can upload it to your accounting software if it allows and avoid doing manual entries.
Bonus: Sending ONE invoice for multiple horses
If you service many horses for one client, you can send all horse entries in one invoice.
Step 1:
In the Dashboard click 'Invoice'
Step 2:
Click on the Contact you wish to invoice
Step 3:
Make sure the date range is correct and select the horse entries you wish to include in the invoice
Step 4:
Click 'Done'
Invoice Created
Follow the same steps to send or export invoices
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