Invoicing on EQUINET
Connect all your business tasks in one place, from booking appointments to creating invoices.

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Get more done with less

  • Create and send invoices to your clients

  • Get instant overview of invoice statuses

  • Get ready-made invoice reports to share with your accountant

Less paperwork
Avoid the mess of loose invoice slips, countless diaries and disconnected information. When you add a service note (called 'Entry') on EQUINET, you can turn it into an invoice with just a click.
Less efforts
Because everything is inter-connected in EQUINET - contacts, horses, appointments, invoices - you don't have to manually transfer information from one source to another.
Less time
At the close of business, when you're sitting down at your desk to work on your accounts, EQUINET has all the information ready to be invoiced to your clients or exported in neatly organised CSV files. Giving you more time to spend doing the things you love and also keeping your accountant happy.
Data Security
Your data is protected and not shared with any 3rd party

(besides the 3rd party accounting provider you might connect to)
Data Privacy and Security
Data privacy on EQUINET:

Your data is protected by the very strict GDPR European Union privacy laws. EQUINET will not share or sell your data.

  • We are careful with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and store it in a secure way
  • We will not reach out to your contacts or customers and their PII data will not be processed. However: - The system can send invites/reminders on your behalf to contacts- We will use (only) latitude-longitude information of the contact for aggregated processing; no name, contact details, age, sex, etc.
  • You have the right to be forgotten (RTBF)
  • You can opt-in/out for direct marketing (no spam!)
  • We won't expose/sell your (profile) data to 3rd parties. We could communicate statistics on processed aggregated data which cannot be traced back to a single person (considered anonymous)
  • We take into account the privacy by design principles while building the app
  • We do not store sensitive data (personal preferences, credit card information, etc.)
  • We do not process sensitive data (e.g., private notes)

So what's in it for Mustad?

We will use the data to better understand market trends and to improve our products and services within the Hoofcare industry.

Your information is stored safely online

All data is stored on secure cloud servers and can be accessed from any device and any location. This means, if you lose or need to replace your device, your business records remain safe and accessible only to you via several alternatives.
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There are two ways to use the Invoicing module - connecting directly with accounting softwares (Xero or Quickbooks), or generating invoice reports
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